Umbrellas & Shades

Umbrellas & ShadesAre you ready to make your outdoor living space livable? In Arizona, our weather and heat make it almost impossible to keep cool, and if you try to beat the heat or block the UV rays with umbrellas and sun shades, they’re probably not holding up to the elements very well.

The problem with most umbrellas and shades that you can buy in stores is the poor quality of the fabric. Just because it was “designed for outdoor use” doesn’t mean it was built to last, especially in our extreme weather conditions.

If you want a beautiful umbrella or shade that will last and hold it’s color for years, in extreme temperatures, we carry the best outdoor fabrics from brands like Sunbrella.

With a little help and expert advice, you can get fabric for your outdoor umbrellas, shades, pillows, cushions, and curtains that match or blend together by design. We’ll help you find the colors and fabrics you need to make your outdoor space not only livable but beautiful and comfortable as well.