Valentine’s Day Projects

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Valentine’s Day Projects with Fabric Depot & Supply

Decorate your home with DIY projects to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays to get crafty. Whether it’s making homemade cards for friends or making a box to hold all the cards in, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for crafts.

Here are 3 projects you can make yourself to decorate your home with for Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentine’s Day Pillow
      1. Supplies you’ll need:
        1. 1 ¼ 40” wide natural burlap
        2. 1 yardstick
        3. 1 yellow Crayon for marking
        4. 1 pair of Comfort Grip Scissors
        5. 2 yards of red gimp
        6. 1 Fray check
        7. 1 package repair needles
        8. 1 Spool of thread (8530 / Dogwood )
        9. 1 package of quilting pins
        10. 1 heart shape template
        11. 1 18 x 18 poly pillow insert
        12. Sewing machine
      2. Using a crayon or marking pen and a yardstick, mark your fabric into a two 17×17 squares.
      3. After the squares are marked, cut out both squares utilizing a pair of sharp scissors.
      4. Once both squares are cut out, choose a square to place heart template.
      5. Utilizing the template mark out ever 1 ½” or 2” to pinpoint where you will be cutting slits for the Gimp.
      6. Cut out the slits on the fabric for your gimp.
      7. Apply fray check to the cut-off end on your gimp let dry for 15 mins.
      8. Once gimp is dry start threading your gimp through the slits.
      9. While threading the gimp allow some slack.
      10. Once gimp is threaded through slits, you should end up with both end meeting at the bottom of the heart shape.
      11. Tie both ends of gimp into a bow.
      12. Flip the square with the heart over and have it face the other square. Make sure to tuck in the bow, you do not want to sew into the bow ends.
      13. Using your quilting pins, pin together both faces in preparation for sewing pillow close.
      14. This is what your pillow should look like up to this point.
      15. Sew starting 2 inches from the corner ( allow yourself a 1/2 “ seam allowance), continue sewing all around pillow edges until you reach past 2 inches at the opposite corner.
      16. Flip pillow inside out.
      17. Stuff pillow with poly insert. ( Fold your insert in half for faster easier results )
      18. Sew you pillow closed either by hand utilizing your repair kit needles or by machine.
  • Valentine’s Day Memory Board
      1. Supplies you’ll need:
        • 11×14 Picture frame
        • 1/2 yard Fabric
        • 1 1/2 yards Gimp
        • 1″ thick Dacron- 1 yard
        • 5 Upholstery tacks
        • 1- yard Cardboard
        • Yardstick
        • Scissors
        • Cardboard cutter
        • Spray adhesive
        • Pliers
        • Hammer
      2. Cut a piece of cardboard to 8″x10″.
      3. Cut the dacron to match the cardboard (8″x10″).
      4. Using adhesive spray, glue the dacron onto the cardboard.
      5. Cut the fabric to 9″x11″ and glue it onto the dacron.
      6. Measure enough gimp to go diagonally across your board with an extra 1/2″ in each corner.
      7. Glue ends of gimp to back and where it intersects. Put a tack where the gimp pieces intersect and press it into the board.
      8. Cut 4 more pieces of gimp and space them 3″ from the center and repeat steps 6 and 7.
  • Valentine’s Day Card Box
    1. Supplies you’ll need:
      • 2-yards of fabric
      • 7/8-yard of trim (1-2 different pieces)
      • 5-10 applique
      • Scissors
      • Hot glue gun
      • Shoe box
    2. Draw a rectangle that is 3 – 4 inches long and 1 inch wide on top of your shoebox in the center.
    3. Cut out the hole.
    4. Using hot glue, cover the inside and outside of the box with the fabric. Don’t forget to cut out the hole of the fabric.
    5. Decorate the fabric covered box with appliquè and trim using hot glue.

At Fabric Depot & Supply, we have everything you need to make these cute Valentine’s Day crafts. We also have experts who can help you find everything and get you the correct measurements you need.