Sofa Revival

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sofa repair | Sofa Revival with Fabric Depot & Supply | Phoenix AZ

Sofa Revival – Reupholstery Projects

sofa repairNeed a new sofa, but too attached to your old one? We can help make it look and feel brand new again!

When sofas become old and worn, they tend to lose their cushion and their vibrancy. It gets to a point where the sofa looks shabby but has been in the family so long that you just don’t want to get rid of it.

Whether it’s an antique, a classic style, or just sturdy enough to keep going, you love your sofa and you’d rather give it new life than get a new one, We understand!  at Fabric Depot, we’re all about second chances for great furniture! Our designers and craftsmen will turn your old, sentimental sofa into a new, classy, comfortable piece that will be a focal point for your family and visitors.

At Fabric Depot & Supply, we have thousands of fabrics to reupholster your sofa with and our experts can handle any repairs so that your sofa will last for years.If you would rather fix it up yourself, we can help you find and measure all the material you need, and provide expert advice to see the project all the way through to completion.

So if you have a sofa you love that needs a makeover, bring it down to Fabric Depot & Supply and we’ll help make it look brand new!