3 DIY Projects for Christmas

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3 DIY Projects for Christmas with Fabric Depot & Supply

It’s that time of year, these 3 DIY projects for Christmas Decorating will get you in the spirit!


Christmas is just around the corner and that means Christmas decorating along with a whole lot of gifts which can sometimes be overwhelming. Some may think their Christmas decorations are old or out of style, but don’t want to face the stores during the busy holiday season. Then there are those who want to give a gift more meaningful and heartwarming.

Well, at Fabric Depot & Supply we have a list of ideas below and all the supplies you need in store to get both your decorating and gift giving done.

Decoration Ideas:

  • Stockings
  • Holiday Pillows
  • Tree Skirt

Whether it’s making your home more festive or making a gift for someone, fabric can help get the job done and Fabric Depot & Supply can help get you started. At Fabric Depot & Supply we have thousands upon thousands of fabrics to choose from for your holiday decorations or gifts. So come on in today to start decorating and gifting before it’s too late!