DIY Cowhide Projects

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August 8, 2017
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October 3, 2017
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Make the Most of Cowhide | DIY Cowhide Projects | Fabric Depot & Supply

Give your home a western touch with cowhide.

Cowhide has been used for a number of products. From shoes to leather jackets, and wallets to belts. However, probably one of the most popular uses of cowhide is home décor. Going beyond the typical cowhide rugs, this type of material can be found anywhere in a home and used for anything.

Here are 5 DIY Cowhide Projects that can be done to “westernize” your home:

  1. Switchplate– Depending on how many switch plates you decide to decorate your home with cowhide, you won’t need much. All you’ll need is enough fabric to cover the plate, some super glue, and a little bit of patience.
  2. Mirrors and Frames– Spicing up an old mirror or a frame can easily be done with a few yards of cowhide.  Again, all you’ll need is cowhide fabric, super glue, and maybe even some embellishments to give your mirror or frame that perfect western touch!
  3. Dresser– Some people paint their dresser drawers different colors, other’s cover them in paper or wallpaper. But if you’re a true westerner, covering your dresser drawers with cowhide will give your home a unique statement.
  4. Lampshade– Rather than going out and buying a new lampshade, just buy enough cowhide fabric to wrap around an old lampshade with some overlap. You’ll also want to purchase some styrene and a very sheer fabric to help it stick to the lampshade.
  5. Rug– Cowhide rugs are actually a lot easier than you may think. Get as much fabric as needed, cut out the shape you want it to look like, and burn the edges. This can be done in less than an hour and at a much more reasonable price than buying one in-stores or online.

This is only a small fraction of the all the projects that can be done with cowhide. You could even reupholster a chair or refurbish a pillow with cowhide if you wanted. The possibilities are endless!

At Fabric Depot, not only do we have cowhide for your western décor needs, but a wide variety of different styles to give your home it’s own, unique western touch. Come down today to check out our collection of cowhide and find the perfect style for you!