Making Your Home Modern Western

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7 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Reupholstery
July 10, 2017
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Making Your Home Modern Western | Fabric Depot & Supply

Blending two completely opposite styles can be a challenging task, but so unique if done correctly.

When it comes to decorating your home, you want it to reflect you and those who live with you. You want people to get a sense of who you are the moment they walk through the door and sometimes that means blending more that one style because one style may not cut it for you. It may not do you justice.

When it comes to blending modern and western, things can become pretty tricky. While modern is simple and quite, Western is bold and loud. Two complete opposites. So how do you blend the two contrasting styles?

  1. Choose your colors- When it comes to choosing colors for a modern western style you’ll want to stick to a white or some lighter tone of gray as your base. From there you’ll want to choose two or three colors from the western palette- salmon, brick red, turquoise and/or corn yellow- to accent throughout the room. However, rather than going with the typical bold version of these colors, strive to think soft.
  2. Choose matching woods- When it comes to picking out furniture and other décor, make sure all the woods are similar in color if not exactly the same. This will help tie all the pieces together.
  3. Choose a western influence- When it comes to western style, there are several different approaches you can take. Choosing one will help keep the room consistent with patterns and textures. A few include:
  • Spanish Influence: This would include clay tiles, wrought iron, and carved woodwork.
  • Native American Influence: This would be the popular Navajo pattern, leather, pottery, weaved baskets and turquoise décor.
  • American Influence: This could be ladder-back chairs, wardrobes, rams horns, cowhide rugs, and upholstery, and/or leather.
  • Once you choose a western influence, stick with it! You can use accents of the influence without going overboard because you still want to stick to the simple and soft modern style. Having an influence will just help with the kind of western you’re wanting.

Blending two contrasting styles can give your home a very unique and artsy look, but can become very difficult. When it comes to combining Modern and Western, make sure to follow the steps above and you’ll be bound to have a beautiful, one of a kind home.