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There’s just something about Scandinavian interiors that makes me feel so at home. Maybe it’s the fact that their homes are so airy, light and clutter free. If you’re a modern minimalist like me, you probably feel the same way. Here are some tips and tricks to steal from Nordic designs that you can incorporate into your own home!

Utilize Natural Light
There’s no such thing as too much light. The long, cold winters in the northern region of the world can be drab and dark, so lightening up your home and soaking up as much natural light as possible is key for Scandinavian homes. Natural light is cheery and makes a place seem larger and brighter. Achieve this look by using sheer window panels or coverings and by keeping window coverings or treatments open.

Use Whites, Neutrals, and Pastels
So many Nordic homes are drenched in white! From white wooden floors to white furniture and walls, your home can be bright and clean. Use pops of an accent color here and there and switch out different colors and textures for the season. If you prefer a bit more color, you can get the same look and feel by using light neutrals or pastels instead of white.

If you’d like to create this look yourself, we have hundreds of white, neutral toned and light colored fabrics in stock for you to use to upholster your furniture.

Deck Your Home in White and Light Colored Wood
Wood adds a certain warmth to a space that nothing else can give. Use light colored or whitewashed wood floors to add texture and brighten up your home. Add more warmth, texture, and color by using a big patterned area rug. Ditch the notion of using wall to wall carpet and opt for this instead.

We carry many brands, colors and varieties of wood flooring inĂ‚ our store. We even offer laminate that looks like wood for those with children or for home owners on a budget. Don’t let those things refrain you from executing this look!

Eliminate Clutter
Get down to business and clean out your home! To achieve that airy, clean feel, get rid of all clutter and make sure you stay on top of your organization. Some of your decor should serve to be functional, yet fashionable. This allows you to create storage in a neat and attractive way.

Limit your use of nick-nacks and choose larger statement pieces to use in moderation. You want your home to feel open and fresh, not weighed down and messy.

What do you think of this decorating style? Are you a fan? Share your thoughts with us below!