All About Sunbrella Fabrics

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All About Sunbrella Fabrics at Fabric Depot & Supply

Do you ever look at your stained, faded furniture and wish that you could find the “perfect” fabric that resists wear and tear, is easy to clean and even helps conserve energy? Well, that fabric does exist, and we have Arizona’s largest and best selection of it.

Can Be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors
Sunbrella Fabrics are some of the most versatile fabrics on the market. They come in a variety of beautiful colors, neutrals and patterns to fit your needs and personal style. Best of all, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Use it on your family couch in a kid-friendly environment or use it on your patio furniture or awning. It’s soft enough for even your living room or bedroom, but sturdy enough to last outdoors.

Doesn’t Fade and Holds Up
Sunbella Fabric simply doesn’t fade in the sun like other outdoor fabrics. It’s meant to last and holds up against weather, harsh sun and even messy kids.

Easy To Clean
Sunbrella Fabric is so easy to clean! You can even use bleach and it won’t ruin the fabric! It sounds crazy, but you can literally soak it in bleach to restore the vivid color, then rinse it off with plenty of water and let it dry. The picture below shows scraps of Sunbrella that have been sitting in bleach for years. As you can see, the fabric is as bright as ever! Just don’t try this technique on any other fabric at home.

Helps Conserve Energy
This might be the cherry on top… Sunbrella helps conserve energy! Use it as an awning or drapes, and the fabric absorbs the sun’s hot rays, keeping your home cool.

Extremely Versatile
Sunbrella Fabrics can be used for patio or poolside furniture, any indoor furniture including sofas, chairs, bedding, drapes, etc. It is even the top fabric choice among boaters for marine upholstery, boat tops and sail covers.

A Bit of History
In 1961, Sunbrella entered the scene as an alternative to cotton, the most popular awning fabric at the time. According the Sunbrella Fabrics company, the fabric, made of acrylic fibers with pigmentation added prior to extrusion, offered the rich look and feel of cotton, but did not fade or degrade, even in the brightest sun!

In the mid 1970s, boaters began to take note of the good looks and durability of Sunbrella fabrics for boat tops, sail covers, and marine upholstery. Since it is so durable and easy to clean, it was a natural fit to meet marine needs. Around the world today, Sunbrella is the No. 1 fabric choice for power boaters and sailors.

In the early 1980s, Sunbrella began exploring the possibility of making fabric furniture. The Sunbrella team used their durable fabrics that mimicked the look and texture of indoor fabrics to create umbrellas and furniture cushions for patio furniture. At the time, vinyl was the most popular material for outdoor furniture and a high-performance fabric that looked like an indoor fabric was almost too good to be true.

Today you will find Sunbrella throughout the home: from decks, patios and poolside, to dining rooms, family rooms and even kitchen and bath. Come and check out our selection! We’d love to help you choose the best fabric for your home.